Sena SRL3 Bluetooth Communication System

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By Sena

Sena SRL3 Bluetooth Communication System

Experience unparalleled communication and sound quality. Introducing the latest innovation from Sena for SHOEI helmets: the SRL3. This cutting-edge device comes loaded with top-tier features, including Mesh Intercom™ technology and SOUND BY Harman Kardon speakers and microphone, making it the ideal upgrade for your ride. Tailored specifically for SHOEI's Neotec 3, GT-Air 3, and one other popular helmet, the SRL3 enhances every journey.

Engineered for SHOEI Helmets The SRL-MESH is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into the SHOEI Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3 helmets, blending into the helmet's design without altering its exterior appearance. The device features intuitive controls, with a three-button setup on the left for easy operation and a dedicated Mesh Intercom™ button on the right for instant connectivity.

SOUND BY Harman Kardon In collaboration with Harman Kardon, the SRL3 boasts superior sound quality, with speakers and a microphone engineered for clarity and performance. Whether you're listening to music or communicating, the SRL3 delivers crisp, clear audio, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience inside your SHOEI helmet.

Advanced Mesh & Bluetooth Connectivity The SRL3 is equipped with both Mesh Intercom™ and Bluetooth intercom capabilities, allowing for seamless connection to Sena devices. With innovative Mesh technology, you can choose between Open Mesh for public channel communication or Group Mesh for private conversations, ensuring crystal-clear audio and robust connectivity for every ride.

Voice Command Convenience Take command of the SRL3 with voice controls in eight languages, enabling hands-free operation for functions like answering calls or initiating a Group Mesh. Plus, with integration for Google Assistant and Siri, you can access your smartphone's features, such as navigation or music playback, with just a voice command.

Sena Motorcycles App Integration Stay in control with the Sena Motorcycles App, offering an intuitive way to adjust the SRL3 settings. Whether you're customizing channel settings for Open Mesh or setting up a private group for Group Mesh, the app enhances your device's functionality and user experience.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Compact main module dimensions for easy integration
  • High-quality 40 mm speakers and versatile microphone options
  • Lightweight design for comfort
  • Wide operating temperature range for reliability in various conditions
  • Latest Bluetooth 5 technology for stable connections
  • Comprehensive intercom functionality to stay connected in any scenario
  • Premium audio features with noise cancellation for clear communication
  • Long battery life and quick charging for extended use

With its advanced features, the SRL3 sets a new standard for motorcycle helmet communication and audio quality, ensuring you're always connected and enjoying premium sound on every ride.