REV'IT! Velox 2 GTX INFINIUM™ Windcollar

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The Velox 2 GTX INFINIUM™ is a robustly built motorcycle windcollar, designed for when you need the ultimate protection against the elements. The extended front and back panel cover an extra-large area on your chest, shoulders, and neck to prevent the breeze from getting in and for much needed water repellency and heat retention. We improved its overall potency by adding the GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® technology to offer maximum weather protection during those colder and wet weather rides on your motorcycle. The mesh fabric front panel helps keep it highly breathable and we added significant amounts of stretch fabric to make it easy to get it on and off. A laminated reflective logo at the back of the collar boosts visibility and aids safety in low-light conditions – exactly the kind of conditions the Velox 2 GTX INFINIUM™ motorcycle windcollar thrives in. Keep your face warm whenever the weather doesn’t want to comply with the Velox 2 GTX INFINIUM™ motorcycle windcollar.