In the fast-paced world of technology, rivalries abound – Mac or PC, Electrify America or Tesla Superchargers, Meta Quest Pro or Apple Vision Pro. Among motorcyclists, the question often comes down to choosing between Sena or Cardo Bluetooth communicators.

These two brands have long dominated the Bluetooth communicator category, together accounting for a staggering 95% of the market share. Despite their dominance, their relationship has been marked by a lack of cooperation. While syncing multiple Cardo or Sena devices is a breeze, the real challenge arises when attempting to pair devices from the two brands. Any rider who has tried to connect a Sena with a Cardo device knows the headache it entails, especially in multi-rider groups.

However, a positive change is on the horizon.

Cardo Systems' Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Emodi, stated, "We always strive to do our best, and to achieve that, we go directly to the riders and ask how we can improve their experience. The single most requested feature was seamless cross-brand connectivity."

In response to rider feedback, Cardo's latest 3.2 firmware update brings a solution to this long-standing problem. The update allows Spirit, Freecom, and PackTalk models to directly connect with Sena's latest-generation lineup using standard Bluetooth intercom (not Dynamic Mesh Communication [DMC]). Once paired, the synced units communicate as if they were devices of the same brand.

Before this update, achieving cross-platform connectivity with Sena required riders to navigate through a series of user interface hoops. Even though both companies had models with Mesh technology, they failed to establish an inter-brand link. Furthermore, Sena discontinued its Universal Intercom Pairing feature with the arrival of its 30 and 50 series.

Riders often resorted to pairing one communication unit to the other as a phone, which was a cumbersome multi-step process. This method also meant sacrificing the advanced features that Sena and Cardo devices are known for. Additionally, pairing frequently dropped due to poor connectivity range.

Thankfully, Cardo's 3.2 firmware update promises to bypass this tedious headset-syncing process. It enables seamless communication between Cardo and Sena devices while still allowing each unit to relay calls, navigational directions, and play music or FM radio. Thanks to Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBI) protocols, the firmware even enables Cardo communicators to act as a bridge between Sena, Uclear, and Midland units. The communication becomes more efficient, as the communicator adapts to the protocol used by each brand.

However, there are some limitations to the 3.2 firmware update. Unfortunately, music sharing across the Cardo-Sena brand divide is not possible at this time.

While this update may not put an end to the technological tug of war between Sena and Cardo, it does bring relief to consumers who will no longer be caught in the crossfire of Bluetooth battles. Now, riders can enjoy a more straightforward and seamless communication experience, regardless of their preferred brand.