About MotoHut


Style. Comfort. Function.

What are we about?

We're not like other protective wear sellers. We avoid the ordinary and steer clear of cheap options. Our focus is on offering only the best gear—technical, authentic, stylish, and vibrant. We don't just follow what manufacturers claim will sell. Instead, we're driven to discover what's new, unique, and effective.


Service. Dedication. Passion.

How do we deliver value?

We’re not a discount store. While we usually sell at the recommended price, we’ll match any discounted price on any product we carry, so you’re guaranteed the best deal. Plus, we offer 0% financing (via sezzle) on purchases over $99. Enjoy free shipping and easy returns on all protective wear.

What's our future

We’re not aiming to be the biggest, just the best. Primarily, we are a online company. However, more and more customers are shopping with us in our store and our community is expanding. In 2023, we opened our first store in Vancouver, BC and physical retail will be a key part of our growth.

As we grow so do our offerings. We are adding more brands partners who suit the MotoHut philosophy. The main goal is to carry the best gear around the world in one spot.

For those seeking the rarest and most exceptional performance pieces, MotoHut will serve as a launch platform for unique products and collections. Each piece is hand-picked for being innovative and performance-enhancing as well as aesthetically appealing.