I'm super excited to talk about something that's been buzzing in the motorcycle community – the new Rev'it! Avertum Airbag Vest. As someone who's passionate about both riding and safety, I couldn't wait to dive into what makes this airbag vest a potential game-changer in our world.


First Impressions

When I first heard about the Avertum Airbag Vest, I was intrigued. We've seen airbag technology in cars for years, but integrating it effectively into motorcycle gear has always been a challenge. Rev'it!, known for their innovative approach to motorcycle apparel, seems to have taken this challenge head-on.

Design and Comfort

The first thing you notice about the Avertum is its design. It's sleek, not too bulky, and looks like it can be easily worn over or under most riding jackets. Comfort is crucial when you're on a long ride, and the last thing you want is your safety gear to be a distraction. From what I've gathered, Rev'it! has worked hard to ensure that the Avertum doesn't just offer protection, but also comfort and mobility.

REV'IT! and Alpinestars have joined forces to revolutionize safety gear with the introduction of the Avertum Tech-Air Air Bag. This innovative creation is at the forefront of airbag technology, incorporating a combination of three accelerometers and three gyroscopes within a streamlined, ergonomic vest. Designed to fit discreetly under your jacket, its collar-less design ensures the Avertum remains virtually invisible beneath your outerwear. The vest is expertly crafted using durable ripstop fabric and ventilated mesh, further enhanced by extensive, flexible material around the sleeves for a snug fit, perfectly blending aesthetics with functionality. Its sophisticated design cleverly hides all electronic components, including the magnetic trigger tab, which is neatly concealed within the zipper cover. Upon activation, the Avertum airbag offers protection on par with 18 CE-level 1 back protectors, significantly reducing impact forces by up to 93% compared to standard passive CE-certified protectors.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Now, let's talk tech. The Avertum Airbag Vest uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect a crash scenario. This means it's not just relying on physical triggers, but actually 'understanding' when you're in danger. That's pretty impressive, and it's a big step forward from earlier airbag systems that were somewhat limited in their activation criteria.

Deployment Speed

The deployment speed of the Avertum is another highlight. In the event of an accident, every millisecond counts. The faster the airbag deploys, the better the protection. Rev'it! claims that the Avertum can fully inflate in milliseconds, providing immediate impact protection. This could be a lifesaver, quite literally.

This advanced electronic system is equipped with six triaxial integrated sensors, including three gyroscopes and three accelerometers. It utilizes a sophisticated crash algorithm powered by artificial intelligence to precisely determine the optimal moment to deploy the airbag during a crash. Offering 30 hours of riding time on a full charge, which is achieved through a micro USB charger, this system also features Bluetooth connectivity and app integration. It is adeptly designed for both race and street use.

Compatibility and Integration

One of my initial concerns was about compatibility. Would this vest only work with certain jackets or bikes? Thankfully, it seems Rev'it! has designed the Avertum to be as universal as possible. It's compatible with a wide range of jackets and doesn't require any special connection to the motorcycle itself. This means more riders can adopt this technology without having to overhaul their existing gear.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance is always a key factor when it comes to any motorcycle gear. The Avertum is designed to be low maintenance, with easy-to-replace CO2 cartridges that power the airbag. Durability is also crucial, and while I haven't had a chance to test this out personally (and hope I never have to!), the materials and build quality seem top-notch, as we've come to expect from Rev'it!.

Price Point

Let's address the elephant in the room – the price. Quality safety gear is never cheap, and the Avertum is no exception. However, when you consider the technology and potential life-saving benefits, it seems like a worthy investment. It's not just a piece of gear; it's an investment in your safety.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Rev'it! Avertum Airbag Vest represents a significant leap forward in motorcycle safety. Its combination of advanced technology, rapid deployment, and user-friendly design makes it an attractive option for riders who prioritize safety without compromising on comfort and style. As with any new technology, it comes with a price tag, but for those who can afford it, the Avertum could be a vital addition to their riding gear.

Stay safe out there, and always ride with the right gear!

January 26, 2024 — Sorrell Sohota