When it comes to motorcycle gear, gloves play a crucial role in ensuring both protection and comfort for riders. During the summer months, finding gloves that offer breathability and excellent grip without compromising safety becomes paramount. To help you choose the best pair, we've compiled a list of the top 5 summer gloves currently available in the market, each offering unique features and benefits.

  1. Urbane Pro Gloves from Knox:

    The Urbane Pro Gloves from Knox are a top choice for riders seeking premium protection and exceptional comfort. These gloves are constructed using high-quality goat leather, offering excellent abrasion resistance. The integrated Knox SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) protects the palm and wrist from potential injuries during a fall. With their perforated leather and ventilation panels, these gloves ensure optimal airflow, keeping your hands cool on hot summer days. The touch screen-friendly fingertips add convenience, allowing you to use your smartphone without removing the gloves.

    The Urbane Pro's strike a perfect balance between style, protection, and comfort. Their meticulous design and attention to detail make them a great choice for riders looking for a high-end summer glove option.

  1. Rev'it Caliber Gloves:
    The Rev'it Caliber Gloves are a stylish and practical choice for summer riding. These gloves feature a combination of perforated and non-perforated leather, offering excellent airflow and abrasion resistance. The injected finger knuckle protectors and Temperfoam® at critical areas provide impact protection without compromising flexibility. The single-layer construction ensures a snug fit and enhances tactile feedback, allowing for precise control of your motorcycle. Additionally, the connect fingertips allow for touchscreen compatibility.

    The Rev'it's offer a blend of style and functionality. With their durable construction and smart protection features, these gloves are a solid choice for riders seeking a balance between comfort and safety.

  1. Pando Moto Onyx Leather Gloves: If you're looking for a sleek and minimalist design, the Pando Moto Onyx Leather Gloves are worth considering. Made from high-quality cowhide leather, these gloves offer both durability and a comfortable fit. The perforated leather on the backhand promotes airflow, keeping your hands cool in hot weather. The ergonomic shape and pre-curved fingers provide excellent grip and dexterity. Reinforced palm sliders and knuckle protection enhance safety, ensuring your hands are well-protected.

    The Pando Moto Onyx Leather Gloves excel in both aesthetics and functionality. Riders who prioritize a stylish and minimalist design, without compromising protection, will appreciate these gloves.

  1. ORSA Leather Gloves from Knox

    The ORSA Leather Gloves from Knox offer a combination of classic design and advanced technology. Made from full-grain cowhide leather, these gloves provide exceptional abrasion resistance. The BOA closure system ensures a secure and personalized fit, eliminating any discomfort or looseness. The inclusion of Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) and Knox MICRO-LOCK impact protection on the knuckles offers enhanced safety. The dual-comp palm slider further improves protection in the event of a slide.

    The ORSA Gloves impress with their innovative features and timeless style. With their precise fit and advanced protective elements, these gloves are a fantastic option for riders seeking a blend of safety and sophistication.

  1. Rev'it Avion 3 Leather Gloves: The Rev'it Avion 3 Leather Gloves are designed for riders who demand superior performance and protection. These gloves feature a combination of goatskin leather and air stretch mesh panels, ensuring excellent breathability and comfort. The injected ventilated flex knuckles provide impact protection while allowing airflow. The PWR|shield knit fabric and TPU palm slider add an extra layer of protection.