Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp Helmet

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The Shoei Neotec 3, a 2024 innovation, meets both ECE 22.06 and DOT standards. It's a significant step up from its predecessor, the Neotec 2, which was a top seller in 2023. This helmet is not only lightweight, thanks to its AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell made from a blend of organic and composite fibers, but it also comes with an internal sun visor and a novel central locking system.

A key enhancement in the Neotec 3 is its central locking system, which enhances the visor's air seal and prevents distortion over time. The helmet's design includes newly crafted cheek pads that extend towards the back of the head, ensuring a snug fit around the rider's neck. It also introduces a micro ratchet chinstrap for increased comfort. The mounting mechanism for communication systems has been reengineered for a more seamless integration with the helmet's structure.

The Neotec 3's shell is not just about lightness; it's also about safety, with an interior EPS lining that varies in density to provide superior protection. It comes in three shell sizes, accommodating six different helmet sizes (XS to 2XL), each with five lining options for a perfect fit.

This helmet is P/J dual homologated, ensuring consistent protection whether the chin bar is up or down. The chin bar can be easily raised above the head and securely locked to avoid accidental closure.

The CNS-3C shield, compatible with the central locking system, ensures a robust, airtight seal, keeping out wind and water. The helmet also includes an anti-fog insert for clear visibility in humid or cold conditions, along with a built-in sun visor for sun protection.

For ventilation, the Neotec 3 features two intake vents on the chin, an upper duct on the top, and a rear air vent, all designed for optimal airflow and cooling.

The redesigned cheek pads work in tandem with a built-in noise isolator to reduce wind noise, enhancing rider comfort. The helmet's interior, which is breathable, moisture-wicking, and sculpted in 3D, can be detached and washed for long-term use. The micro ratchet chinstrap has been slimmed down for a better fit and increased safety.

Like the Neotec 2, the Neotec 3 seamlessly integrates with Sena communication systems, including the exclusive SRL 3 intercom. This latest model is specifically designed to accommodate the compact components of the intercom system, resulting in a less bulky, more user-friendly experience. This integration ensures that riders can stay connected without compromising on the helmet's comfort or safety features.


  • Shock-absorbent shell in AIM
  • EPS liner system with multiple densities
  • Mist-retardant CNS-3C Pinlock® visor
  • Stainless steel Micro Ratchet System 
  • 360° Pivot locking system made of stainless steel
  • Double homologation P/J
  • ECE 22/06 homologation
  • E.Q.R.S. security system 
(Emergency Quick Release System)
  • QSV-2 sun visor 
  • CNS-3C visor available in individual tints
  • 3 different shell sizes (XXS-M/ L/ XL-XXL)
  • 3D centre pad
  • Cheek pads in different thicknesses (31, 35, 39 mm)
  • All pads detachable, washable
  • Ear pads
  • Shoei Comlink system
  • Pinlock® sheet, Breath Guard & Chin Curtain included
  • Multiple venting and extraction
  • Closable Inlets on brow & chin
  • Insect filter inside
  • Outlets at the rear 
  • Increased airflow
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Seamless design, fluid shape 
  • Wind tunnel-engineered aerodynamics