Five WFX2 EVO Waterproof Gloves

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By Five

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The Five WFX2 EVO WP Gloves are updated, and still affordable.

They represents a major evolution over the WFX2 WP (which still has its place in Five's range), making it an even more effective winter glove that remains affordable. Cozier and better equipped than its predecessor, the WFX2 EVO WP will likely soon become a gold standard in this category.

Though its topside construction is mainly in nylon, it includes a large palm reinforcement in natural leather with an integrated soft protective slider at the hypothenar, guaranteeing a certain level of comfort at the controls. Its protection from the cold is better than ever, with the use of Primaloft® Silver thermal insulation on the topside and Primaloft® Gold on the palm. Weatherproofing and breathability are provided by the 5_DRYTECH™ membrane developed by FIVE. It's glued to the palm, so it doesn't budge and for better grip on the handlebars. In terms of safety, the new one-piece ERGO PROTECH® shell protects the topside of the hand. And we haven't forgotten comfort, with the internal lining that touches your skin offering a truly delightful feeling of softness. What makes the WFX2 EVO WP stand apart is the real "state of the art" quality and enjoyment its construction offers. Though designed for wintertime urban and suburban use, it may very well take you much further, with features inspired by high-end road gloves.


  • Topside: Nylon construction
  • Palm: Synthetic leather with goat leather reinforcement
  • Weatherproof and breathable 5_DRYTECH™ internal membrane
  • Primaloft® Silver (topside) and Primaloft® Gold (palm) thermal insulation
  • ERGO PROTECH® PVC metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell under nylon
  • TPR protective hypothenar shell (palm slider)
  • Palm reinforcement in embossed synthetic leather for optimal grip on the controls
  • Nylon accordion comfort gussets
  • Reflective logos
  • Dual closure system with a concealed Velcro® adjustment tab under leather, and a cuff adjustment strip
  • Touch Screen™ system for handling touchscreen devices
  • Clear Vision Pad™ system (left hand) to wipe off your helmet visor while you ride
  • Certification: CE Level 1/KP1


  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Knuckles Protection: Yes
  • Palm Slider: Yes
  • Visor Cleaning on Finger: Yes
  • Insulated: Yes