The eagerly awaited successor to the highly popular Neotec 2 has arrived – introducing the Shoei Neotec 3! At MotoHut, we're excited to bring you this remarkable helmet, which builds upon the success of its predecessors and brings a host of improvements.

Staying true to its lineage, the Neotec 3 boasts a carefully crafted shell design with a distinctive step on the forehead to seamlessly incorporate the internal sun visor system. The helmet showcases a sleek and sporty profile, complete with an integrated rear spoiler and a lower ridge around the neck. The transitions between the shell, face cover, and visor are impeccably smooth, giving it a sophisticated appearance. Black vents add a three-dimensional touch to its aesthetic.

The Neotec 3 introduces redesigned cheek pads that extend to the back of the head, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit around the rider's neck. An innovative noise isolator effectively seals the gap around the chin strap, preventing unwanted wind intrusion from below and providing a quieter ride. The interior lining features an ultra-soft, quick-drying fabric with excellent moisture absorption properties, guaranteeing enhanced comfort, even during extended journeys.

Sun Visor:
Equipped with the Shoei QSV-2 sun visor, the Neotec 3 offers expanded coverage against sun glare with its 5mm longer design compared to the QSV-1. This sun visor meets the high optical standards of the European sunglasses standard EN1836, delivering exceptional clarity and minimal distortion. The sun visor mechanism is not only smooth but also durable, featuring a stopper function at the fully open position for added convenience, even while wearing gloves.

Face Cover:
Being a flip-front helmet, the Neotec 3 incorporates an integral face cover. It inherits the same user-friendly mechanism found in the Neotec II, making it effortless to operate, even in cold weather conditions. Furthermore, the Neotec 3 is double P/J homologated, ensuring it remains securely locked in place.

The Neotec 3 is equipped with a CNS-3C clear visor featuring a center-locking mechanism specially designed for flip-front helmets. This visor boasts a unique shape with upper ends curved towards the shell, creating a seamless and cohesive connection that prevents water and wind from entering. The center locking mechanism ensures smooth visor operation and airtight sealing, and it comes with a clear Pinlock insert for improved visibility.

Building on its predecessors, the Neotec 3 features an even more sophisticated ventilation system. The lower air intake system includes two resealable intake vents with bug filters to keep unwanted critters out. The upper air intake, integrated seamlessly with the shell, is easy to use even with winter gloves. These vents channel air through the helmet, promoting optimal circulation and efficient ventilation. Additionally, the top-air outlet includes two exhausts for enhanced airflow.

Noise reduction is another area where the Neotec 3 shines. Along with a noise isolator that minimizes wind intrusion, the newly designed cheek pads offer increased volume at the bottom, reducing gaps around the neck and the back of the head for a quieter and more comfortable experience. The visor's airtight fit further prevents wind from entering. The Neotec 3 also incorporates elements in the shell and visor to minimize air turbulence and enhance noise quality. Additionally, the internal sun visor mechanism has been repositioned for maximum quietness.

The micro ratchet closure system on the Neotec 3 offers security and durability. It is adjustable and easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. This newly developed micro ratchet is more compact and made from high-strength, high-elasticity, and high-performance materials, ensuring a secure fit while maintaining security.

Communication Integration:
The Neotec 3's communication system integration is more compact than ever before, seamlessly blending with the helmet shell. Covering each part, this integration maintains the helmet's aesthetic, shape, and aerodynamics while reducing wind noise. The base parts located on both sides of the shell contribute to vertical height reduction and minimized wind noise. Additionally, the helmet allows for easy installation of communication units on both sides of the shell, with space provided for a battery at the back of the head. A dedicated communication system for the Neotec 3 is in development by SENA following the SRL series.

The impact-absorbing liner of the Neotec 3 is divided into main (top and main liners) and cheek sections. It utilizes various densities for optimal impact-absorption performance and ensures superior comfort.

True to Shoei's reputation, the Neotec 3 features the premium AIM shell (Advanced Integrated Matrix). This shell offers exceptional strength while maintaining an ultra-lightweight design. It excels in rigidity and elasticity, thanks to a complex structure of strong glass fibers and organic fibers. The result is an incredibly strong and safe helmet that adheres to ECER 22:06 safety standards. Despite its lightweight construction, it provides outstanding comfort and protection.

At MotoHut, we're eagerly anticipating the availability of the Shoei Neotec 3 in North America, and we're excited to offer this exceptional helmet to our customers. Stay tuned for updates on when you can get your hands on this remarkable piece of motorcycle gear!
September 23, 2023 — Sorrell Sohota