REV'IT! Airwave 4 Ladies Pants

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We understand the importance of staying cool hot rides. Not only does your mind stay sharper behind the handlebars, but fatigue doesn’t set in as quickly, and you can thoroughly enjoy being out on the road. That’s why we created the Airwave 4 Ladies, a pair of adventure sport pants - the perfect complement to the Airwave 4 Ladies jacket - that lets you effortlessly feel the breeze against your body. Ventilation is the name of the game If the name didn’t give it away, the Airwave 4 Ladies pants are all about, you guessed it, air. Specifically directing it to the legs when taking on your next adventure. The combination of a female-specific fit, PWR|Shell mesh, ripstop, and stretch, with full ventilation down the front of the legs, and round three-quarters around back, it means you’re getting airflow to on your lower half to the nth degree. Safety first A longstanding favorite in the collection, the Airwave 4 Ladies is a fan favorite within the ventilated pants category and has a Class AA CE certification. It also includes SEESMART hip and adjustable knee protection. Laminated reflection can also be found at the knees, so riders are more visible in low-light situations.