REV'IT! Argon 2 Jacket

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Expanding upon the Argon 2 family (including the one-piece and combi suits) we bring you the Argon 2. An entry-level, race-derived, full-leather jacket for street riders with speed in their DNA. Good genes The Argon 2 jacket carries the same race aesthetic as part of the Argon 2 product family. We made a couple of changes to diversify it though. The prints are similar to the one-piece but reversed, additionally the jacket has the same prints as the combi suit. More ergonomic perforation has been added to keep you cool plus the suit is build for high-speed riding, enabling the wearer to take corners at high speeds. How is that achieved? Well, the suit is aggressively pre-shaped and uses the same materials as the Argon 2 racing suit. Built-in safety With a AAA CE classification, you know you’re in good hands with the Argon 2 jacket. Furthermore, TPU hard protectors at the shoulders, along with interior armor at the elbows and shoulders come standard - the divided chest protectors and the back protector can also be added at your request.