REV'IT! Climate 3 Jacket

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With a spec list that puts most comparable mid layer jackets to shame, you could say our Climate 3 mid layer jacket is pretty much climate control with sleeves. It’s low weight and high tech all the way thanks to Polartec® Alpha® active and breathable insulation. Made to keep the U.S. Special Forces warm with sustained comfort without shedding layers, this innovative insulating material is made specifically to provide temperature regulation in active situations when you’re on the move. Full-stretch design with a purposefully snug fit. To assure ideal working conditions, our R&D incorporated the military grade Polartec® Alpha® into a full-stretch design with a purposefully snug fit. With added range-extending features like the inherent quick-dry, hydrophobic properties, durable ventilation under the armpits, as well as two side pockets and a chest pocket, this on-the-bike mid layer works perfectly well as a light off-the-bike insulating jacket, too. Better yet, it’s designed to look just as good snugly worn under your motorcycle jacket as it does in broad daylight. Fully functional and fully fashionable – all rolled into one.