REV'IT! Control Air H2O Jacket

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For sport street riders looking for a heavily ventilated jacket (with a waterproofing component) that also want the aesthetic of speed wrapped into a CE-class AA jacket, we bring you the Control Air H2O. Its own vibe When we created the Control Air H2O jacket, we had a very distinct vision. It was to be the seamless blending of both motorsport (think hard parts at the shoulders) and sportswear (think lamination around the zippers and tonal graphic prints). And unlike in the past - where any item in a “family” of jackets/pants/one-pieces - echoed almost identical aesthetics, we did something new. The Control Air H2O jacket is not a direct copy of leather series (jacket and one-piece suit); however, we took the graphics story of the ergonomic gradient shapes built out of diamonds and applied it in its own unique way at the back of the arms. This way, it’s immediately recognizable as a member of the “Control” series, but with its own fashion-focused twist. Stay cool. Stay dry. The Control Air H2O is heavily ventilated - think about 2/3 (or slightly more) of the front constructed with PWR|Shell mesh, and about the same ratio around back. That said, we recognize not every day will be as hot as another. For the days when you need some protection against the wind and rain, we included a separately wearable hydratex 2L waterproof membrane.