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Based on the track-ready Control one-piece suit, the street-ready Control jacket uses top-tier materials – think Monaco performance cowhide, neoprene, and vegan leather – that trickle down from our learnings in the highest levels of racing so you can ride protected out on the roads. Go with the flow We wanted to create a sport street jacket that uses ergonomic flowing graphics that play with scale. What does that mean? From a distance, the product shows a gradient type of effect, emphasising the depth and layers, yet up close, the graphics show flowing diamond shapes merging into fast lines to show speed. This is best illustrated with the print on backside of sleeve that follows the flow of the body. We’ve also been exploring brining grainless cowhide into the mix to further emphasize the applications like the laser-cut perforation holes and the prints to appear even sharper than before. Controlled elements Making the Control jacket ready for multi-season use is the inclusion of the detachable body warmer. Keep it in on cooler mornings or take it out and let the laser-cut ventilation holes direct airflow to your body. On the safety side of things, on the exterior of the Control jacket you’ll find dual-comp shoulder parts with TPU, yet on the inside, SEEFLEX shoulder and elbow protection as well as the option to add the SEESOFT back protection or the SEESOFT divided chest protectors.