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Regulating your temperature when you’re out on the road is all about layering. When the temperature goes down, layer up. And when the temperature goes up, you layer down. It’s as simple as that. With our Core 2 insulating mid layer pants we’ve really brought the process of effective layering down to its core. Breathable, lightweight, and packable Breathable, lightweight, and packable, there’s no reason not to have a pair of mid layer pants with you. Simply slip it on under your motorcycle pants to keep yourself comfortably warm to prevent the slowly – but surely – energy-sapping process of cooling down. The Core 2 mid layer pants are designed to compactly fit between your base layer and your motorcycle pants, effectively insulating body heat without impeding crucial freedom of movement. When the mid layer’s job is done, simply pack it back up in its own compact carrier bag that easily fits in a backpack or onboard storage, and you’re back on your way.