REV'IT! Dominator 3 GTX Gloves

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The Dominator 3 GTX gloves were developed for around-the-world riding. They’re perfectly suited for all weather types you may encounter out on or off-road. That’s because of the use of GORE-TEX with Gore grip technology, making sure your hands stay warmer when it's cold and drier when you perspire. The outer shell is made from various leather types, all chosen on the levels of safety and comfort they provide. Beside the TPU hard shell protectors on the thumb, fingers, and palm, these gloves are equipped with dual comp protectors that have been perforated to allow airflow to enter the gloves, keeping your hands cool and comfortable. Whether you’re caught in the rain, in the desert heat, or anything in between, the Dominator 3 GTX gloves have your hands covered.