REV'IT! Fanatic Tube

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The Fanatic tube is what you get when our R&D goes to town on developing a high-tech rendition of the evergreen tube design. Made with premium materials and fabric blends to nail the insulation properties, a lasting, comfortable fit, and high-end wearing feel. The Fanatic name truly reflects the relentless, single-minded zeal that went into designing it. High praise for a tube, but that was the goal. Dependable partner in keeping the cold out On top of being a dependable partner in keeping the cold out, we engineered the Fanatic tube with pulling it up over the lower part of your face in mind. Strategically incorporated mesh-like woven breathing holes allow condensation to pass on out. Thanks to the merino wool’s inherently soft, insulating, and antimicrobial properties, the Fanatic tube assures all-day riding comfort in however poor conditions might get.