REV'IT! Jetspeed Pro Shoes

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You can trace every panel, stitch, and seam of the all-new Jetspeed Pro shoes back to the track. The racing pedigree is underlined by the shoes’ aerodynamic profile and bold REV’IT! graphics at the heel. To seal the deal, the BOA® Fit System allows micro-adjustment (push in to engage, twist to tighten, and pull up for fast release), for achieving the right fit in moments, even when you’ve got your gloves on. Peak protection Jetspeed Pro are for spirited riders who want optimum control with peak protection. That means striking a precise balance between form and function – amplifying the feeling of being at one with your motorcycle. So, the efficient, slick, lightweight construction liberates your every upshift, downshift, and brake maneuver. And SEESOFT ankle disc and heel protection are unobtrusive yet highly effective. Airflow for your flow It’s one of those rides when your feet start to boil as the sunshine bounces back off the asphalt – when you’re trying to get into your flow. Luckily, Jetspeed Pro shoes are in their element. Natural and synthetic textiles – like soft, abrasion-resistant cowhide leather and highly ventilating PWR|Mesh – rescue your feet from heat and wick moisture away. At the end of the day, these sporty summer shoes maximize airflow to minimal distractions.