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At the intersection where motorcycle riders and skateboarders meet, all the signs point to the Kick. The harmonious design of these motorcycle sneakers incorporates innovations in performance from both worlds to construct these highly capable high-tops. With features like the squared-off soles for edge-to-edge grip and the inconspicuous reinforcement for impact resistance shoes could be right up your street. Different strokes As anyone who’s ever been a rider or a skater would concur – and speak from experience – things often don’t go to plan. If it all kicks off, the SEESOFT ankle disc protection that’s built into these shoes steps in, with its injected ankle disc armor safeguarding your high-risk zones – it ups the impact resistance without compromising your comfort due to its contouring curves. Back to the future Design is about understanding the challenges we face and then engineering solutions. With all eyes on the future, REV’IT! is committed to developing products that minimize our carbon footprint and preserve our planet’s precious resources. So, the hybrid foam footbed comprises 20% recycled materials, yet it offers the exact same rebound and damping performance as previous designs. It’s also good to know we’ve used a polyurethane alternative on the upper, while the suede is oiled and waxed for long-lasting durability.