REV'IT! Nitric 4 H2O Rain Jacket

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Anything that’ll keep you dry, so you can keep going, is welcome when you do get caught out in the rain. But with the Nitric 4 H2O rain jacket you’re getting not just ‘anything’ – you’re getting the premium approach to quick-action rain gear. Smooth as can be With 100% waterproof hydratex fabric that’s as smooth as can be – resisting rain pick up, it must be – you can’t miss the quality feel of the Nitric 4 H2O. The internal mesh lining has similar instantly premium appeal to it. Though it’s not just about feel. Both the smooth outer and the mesh inner are highly functional. Made to keep you dry on the one hand and with its non-stick properties on the other hand, it’s all about keeping you comfortable for however long the downpour may last. On your – dry and comfortable – way To make sure your rain jacket doesn’t lock in all your personals, we’ve added two large, snap-buttoned pockets up front. Also boosting functionality, there’s ample visibility enhancing reflection and once the rain stops, simply stuff the rain jacket back into its own carrier bag, and you’re back on your – dry and comfortable – way.