REV'IT! Pacific 4 H2O Rain Suit

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As a company hailing from an often rain-affected country like the Netherlands, you could say we know a thing or two about how fickle mother nature can be. With the Pacific 4 H2O rain suit we’re looking to rid the world of half-measured rain over suits and beat rainy weather at its own capricious game. As quickly as weather can deteriorate, the Pacific 4 H2O is made to put on even quicker. Instant, easy access By focusing on easy access, you can slip into the Pacific 4 H2O in an instant. The long, diagonal zipper along the length of the rain suit, opens it up fully. Step right in and zip right up, and it’s you that stopping rain’s play for once. Adjustability is found at the cuffs, upper arms, waist, lower legs, and elastics at cuffs and hems to help secure the fit, so you’re not just staying dry but comfortable as well. Once the sun comes out, the Pacific 4 H2O rain suit is taken off with similar ease. Simply put it back into its own carrying pouch and slide it into your backpack or on-board storing area for when it’s needed again.