REV'IT! Storm 2 WB Jacket

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Ride out the storm with our Storm 2 WB, insulating and windbreaking mid layer jacket, easily slipped on to effectively turn your lighter, warmer weather jacket into a jacket that will keep you going when mother nature’s trying to stop you. Cold combatting characteristics By injecting the padded jacket design with high-end Primaloft® Gold synthetic down insulation – that’s equally effective and extremely compact – even gale force winds won’t stand a chance in cooling you down. More cold combatting characteristics are added with our proprietary hydratex|Windbarrier® material, that doesn’t allow the wind to penetrate. Combining the two into a lightweight and packable mid layer jacket, our R&D has really shifted the Storm 2 WB up a gear. By no means utilitarian only However tactical and technical, the Storm 2 WB mid layer jacket is by no means a utilitarian garment only. It’s padded jacket design adds an air of purposeful beauty. Meanwhile ample reflective material, comfortably snug, and elasticated cuffs will have you donning the Storm 2 WB mid layer as a light, but effective casual jacket, too. You won’t look out of place, and you won’t be looking underdressed either.