REV'IT! Summit 4 H2O Gloves

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Summit 4 H2O gloves have all you could need for riding through the seasons – those hot, then cool, damp then wet days that are so typical of the summer’s tropical, ever-changing climate. Robust PWR|Shell ripstop fabric fits snugly at the cuffs to ensure resilience, while three-layer softshell secures TPU knuckle armor into place. Palms constructed from tough, drum-dyed goat leather have a water-repellent finish, and a hydratex Z-liner and McFit® Technology take the worry out of unpredictable wet weather. Tactile technology The Summit 4 H2O generates tactile feedback without sacrificing grip. Multiple layers act like one. – the high-quality adhesive of McFit® Technology bonding the waterproof liner to the body and fingers, a technique that not only improves dexterity but also eliminates bunching or pulling out the liner – a huge bonus in the cold and wet. When adventure gets sporty There’s a sense of security as you pull the V-strap and lock the glove’s gauntlets to your wrists, with the feel of the hard-shell armor and Temperfoam® enveloping your hands. Knowing the TPU hard-shell palm slider and thumb protector are both abrasion and impact resistant. The truth is, these things work both ways: the more secure you feel, the sportier you ride.