REV'IT! Xena 4 Ladies Jacket

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Never change a winning team, right? Well, we don’t necessarily think that’s true. Building upon the reputation of three successful generations, the Xena 4 Ladies motorcycle jacket received an update to further solidify its reputation as the go-to female sport garment in our lineup. Tried and tested Based upon extensive research and the feedback of riders worldwide, the Xena 4 truly is a case of the best becoming better. Slight changes to the pattern means an improved fit, allowing for more freedom of movement without compromising its integrity. Its leather construction along with laser-cut perforation at the upper arms, upper back, and upper front, and stretch panels found at the front, inside arms, shoulders and waist ensure sport riders are met with the race-derived fit they’re after. All in the family The Xena 4 Ladies jacket echoes the same design aesthetic as its siblings – the Xena 4 Pro Ladies jacket, one-piece suit, pants, and gloves. With clean lines that mimic speed (even when at a standstill), this best-selling jacket continues to woe the masses. But unlike the Xena 4 Pro Ladies or one-piece suit, it doesn’t come with the speed hump or external hard parts at the shoulders and elbows. That said, its CE AAA classification, the inclusion of a detachable body warmer, and soft edge collar not only make it a leader in safety, but also in comfort.