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Schuberth C5 Carbon

The Schuberth C5 is a modular helmet from the German brand Schuberth, which is known as a quality brand. It is the successor to the popular C4 Pro, which was long regarded as one of the better modular helmets. This C5 is the first Schuberth helmet that has been tested according to the new strict ECE22-06. This helmet therefore meets all the strict requirements that will apply in 2023.

The C5 will compete with the Shoei Neotec 2, AGV Sportmodular, Shark EVO GT, X-Lite X-1005 Ultra Carbon, Roof BoXXer Carbon, AGV Tourmodular, Scorpion EXO-TECH EVO Carbon and the HJC RPHA 91. The C5 is marketed as a touring helmet that is suited well to both short and long distances.

The Schuberth C-5 is equipped with a micrometric closure. A new feature here is the chin guard lock. When you flip-up chin guard up, we see a red button. If you raise this button, the chin guard is locked and cannot be lowered. If you slide the button down again, you can take the chin guard down again. Furthermore, on the side we see this cover where the SENA SC-2 communication system is housed. At the back we see the compartment for the battery. This is all quite similar to its predecessor. Only difference is that the battery is now at the backside instead of the side.

Like the C4 Pro, the C5 is also equipped with a Plug and Play communication system. This means that snapping in the module and battery is all you have to do, to immediately communicate with other riders or listen to music. You do have to buy the communication system separately. There are people who don't like Sena, but you can of course build in any other system such as a Cardo. The Sena SC-2 is the new system it is prepared for.

Inner liner

The inner lining is removable, washable and antibacterial. When we take out the inner lining, we see a minimalist inner lining just like its predecessor.

We also see that it has an EPS inner shell with a multi-density EPS. We also see two straps, the so-called Anti-Roll-Off-System. This means that the chinstrap is not only attached to the side, but also to this strap, which in turn is attached to the back of the shell. This prevents a helmet from coming off the head in the event of an incident. We also see that the C5 comes with built-in speakers in the EPS shell, for the installation of a communication system.


The Schuberth C5 is made of multiple types of fibers including fiberglass and carbon. This was done using Schuberth's Direct Fiber Processing. Direct Fiber Processing also called (DFP) is an innovation from SCHUBERTH. It is a coil of fiberglass that is cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mould. A precisely determined amount of resin is added to the heated mold and then compressed under high pressure to create an exceptionally strong helmet shell. The mixture of fiberglass and carbon fibers not only makes the helmet very strong, but also keeps it very light. The same material is also used in other Schuberth top models such as the Schuberth C4 Pro.

The C5 comes in 7 sizes and 2 outer shell sizes. The 2 shell sizes means that a size XS has the same outer shell as a size L, which is remarkable for this segment and a brand like Schuberth. Where its predecessor and its strongest competitors have 3 outer shell sizes, there are 2 shell sizes with the C5.

What is unique for Schuberth is that the C5 is the first Schuberth helmet to be P/J certified. This means that it is also approved as an Open-Face helmet and you can therefore ride with the chin guard up. Sometimes we get customers in the showroom who think that you can ride with any flip-up helmet open, this is absolutely not the case. A helmet must be P/J certified if you want to be able to ride with it open. We generally see this with the better helmets.


Of course you want a helmet to be as light as possible. This gives a nice riding experience and prevents fatigue in the neck. If we weigh the Schuberth C5 in a size M, the scale will indicate 1647 grams. But how good is this really? For this, let's look at the results of its competitors.

If we look at the weight, we see that the Schuberth C5 scores average. The Schuberth was never the lightest helmet and so this score was a bit to be expected.


The visor is called the Schuberth SV6 visor. The C5 also has an integrated sun visor which you operate with a slider on the side. It is striking that it slides far down, which is nice when the sun is low.

Schuberth has further developed the old C4 Pro visor mechanism. With the Schubert C5 we see an advanced visor mechanism of a top quality. The mechanism pulls the visor tight against the shell. This should keep out the wind and noise even better. Another quality detail that we see is a rubber inner edge to which the visor connects. With several competitors we see that this is made of PVC, because PVC is cheaper than real rubber. Furthermore, the C5 comes standard with a Pinlock Maxvision 120 Lens in the box. This is the best kind of Pinlock lens. This prevents fogging of the visor and always guarantees the best view, we always like it when manufacturers include the pinlock lens in the box and all the best if it is a maxvision Pinlock.

When we look at the visor mechanism, we first see a new patented function, the so-called “Memory Function”. This means that when you have opened the visor and you open the chin guard and then close it again, the visor returns to the exact same position. It remembers, the position of the visor, hence the name Memory Function. Furthermore, the visor mechanism offers the possibility for a cracked position, which is nice when you drive in the city.

Features Schuberth C5

Helmet Type: System helmet
Shell material: Mix of fiberglass and carbon
Visor: Scratch-resistant and anti-fog
Weight: 1647 grams