Shoei X-15 Marquez Barcelona Helmet

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By Shoei

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Aiming for even greater heights, the completely new design X-Fifteen was born through long-term research and wind tunnel experiments. The X-Fifteen, which is thoroughly committed to contributing to the rider's victory, will create a new wind in the racing scene.

Aeroform Shell Design: Experience advanced aerodynamic performance born from racing

  • Based on SHOEI's know-how and the pressure analysis that supports it, a shape with low air resistance was determined. The completely newly designed aeroform, which demonstrates stable aerodynamic performance even at ultra-high speeds exceeding 350km/h, creates a tense and tense atmosphere
  • Lidar wind tunnel experiment scenery
  • Compared to the conventional model, the X-Fifteen has a 1.6% reduction in Lift, which causes the helmet to rise upwards, and a 6.1% reduction in Drag, which is pushed from the front
  • The shape from the left and right ridges of the top of the head to the upper part of the rear stabilizer, realized with high molding technology, characterizes the design of X-Fifteen and demonstrates high aerodynamic performance
  • By making the helmet bottom part strongly narrowed from the chin bar to the back of the helmet, the rectification effect has been greatly enhanced
  • The rear stabilizer invites air into the tunnel-shaped space between the shells on the left and right, and directs it backward to control the direction of the air flow and increase stability

Ventilation System: Optimized for racing and sports riding

  • Designed for use in a more practical race position by confirming the optimal placement of ventilation through pressure analysis. The air route inside the helmet is more than 1.5 times deeper than the previous model, and the tunnel part of the rear stabilizer is equipped with an outlet hole to achieve higher ventilation performance
  • A clay model was measured with a 3D scanner when considering the design of X-Fifteen. Based on a simulation of the pressure distribution during running in the race position, and confirmed that the air intake is located in the part where the wind hits the most and has the highest pressure
  • The cheek vent system has about twice as many ventilation holes as the previous model, making riding even more comfortable in harsh environments

Shield System: Comfort that fits every riding scene

  • CWR-F2R shield + anti-fog sheet
  • Anti-fog sheet visibility image
  • 2-stage shield lock with a center lock and a racing shield lock to prevent accidental release of the shield in the event of a fall
  • Shield base is equipped with a new trigger lock mechanism, and by fixing the trigger lever used when attaching and detaching the shield, it prevents the shield from falling off due to the impact of a fall

Upper field of Vision:

  • X-Fifteen has moved the position of the eye port 5 mm above the previous model. A wider upper field of view has been secured without changing the position of the head in the helmet and without impairing the balance of the vertical field of vision. In addition, combined with the racing position of the cheek pads inherited from the previous model, the wide field of vision has been highly evaluated by MotoGP riders, contributing to improved safety during races

Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.)

  • Emergency helmet removal system in case of an accident

Safety Certifications:

  • Snell M2020R certified
  • ECE-22.06 certified
  • DOT certified

Other Key Features:

  • Create the best fit with more detailed self-adjustment: The 6-split center pad for front, top, rear, side (left and right), and neck has been further evolved to expand the range of fit adjustment
  • Ready for hydration with the hydration system attachment mechanism at the mouth, and by combining the optional hydration tube and commercially available hydration products, it is possible to easily use the hydration system
  • Quietness that enhances concentration and reduces strain when riding