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The Shield may look like the most comfortable stylish pair of joggers but there is no compromise or casual approach to protection. They look and feel like sportswear but they are the most technical high performance joggers designed for motorcycle riders.
The world’s first single layer Joggers with a classic sports silhouette, designed for motorcycle riders that are CE approved to the highest Classification of motorcycle clothing

 The Shield joggers may appear to be a comfortable and stylish piece of sportswear, but their design is actually focused on protection and performance for motorcycle riders.  These are the first ever single-layer joggers with a classic, athletic silhouette that have been approved to the highest classification of motorcycle clothing, Class AAA.

The Shield joggers are part of the new Shield tracksuit line from Knox, the result of years of research and development in fabric engineering.  Made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibres, known for their strength and durability, these fibres are combined with elastane and cotton to create a single layer of exceptional strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility, and comfort.  Suitable for riders of all types and all terrains, the latest Micro-Lock Compact protection has been added to the knees and hips.  The knee protectors can be easily removed through an invisible zipped pocket.  A matching Shield hoodie is also available.