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By Vallon

Check out these timeless alpine sunglasses, tailor-made for mountain adventures. They’re designed to cut glare, shield you from wind, and keep those harmful UV rays at bay, so you can conquer those peaks with ease and flair. This edition features Cat. 3 lenses, giving you superior visibility in alpine conditions compared to the Heron Glacier model, making them perfect for hiking and all kinds of mountain fun.

The Heron range comes in three different versions. The design and fit are identical. What sets them apart are the lenses, and the activities they are best suited for. Heron Glacier have Cat. 4 lenses with a full mirror reflection and are best suited for ski touring, alpine mountaineering, and glacial expeditions. Heron Mountain have Cat. 3 lenses that let in more light, making them more suited for hiking, climbing, and general mountain activities. Heron Ocean have polarized Cat. 3 lenses that cut glare and improve vision during water activities like fishing, sailing, and kayaking. They are also suited for general outdoor activities, but are not recommended for ski touring and alpine mountaineering as polarization interferes with perceiving ice from snow, which is critical for mountain safety in winter conditions.